GC008  X-Connect XL Eyelet Terminal

X-Connect XL Eyelet Terminal

X-Connect XL Eyelet Terminal allows a battery charger to connect quickly to any battery. Replace a lost connector or permanently mount one on your car, boat, truck, or any other vehicle for easy charging.
  • Permanently mount a battery connection to any battery.
  • Lie-flat design for seamless installations with M10 (3/8-inch) hole size.
  • Built-in fuse protection for increased safety.
  • More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.
  • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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Compatible with X-Connect accessories, permanently mount a battery connection to any battery to easily charge hard-to-access batteries.View All X-Connect Accessories

The GC008's lie-flat eyelet design creates a better battery connection for higher conductivity. The low-set eyelet also reduces the risk of bending or damaging the eyelet or terminal post. New copper-plated eyelets improve conductivity, maximizing performance from the battery charger.

Leave GC008 hard-mounted to battery terminals and easily move genius chargers between batteries.

The GC008 is now equipped with a new and improved built-in fuse for increased safety that offers increased protection at 20Amps.

This eyelet terminal is compatible with a wide variety of NOCO Genius chargers to accommodate your charging needs.

With a quick-release built in, NOCO X-Connect makes it easier than ever to swap between accessories. NOCO X-Connect is compatible with NOCO Genius Smart Battery Chargers, both G Series and GENIUS Series models.

Water-resistant X-Connect connector designed for maximum performance, engineered to withstand all the elements from dirt, water, gasoline, oil and more.

Technical Specifications.

What's In The Box

POS / NEG M10 10mm Eyelets to X-Connect Cable


X-Connect Female


M10 (3/8-Inch) Eyelet Terminals


20 Amp Micro Blade ATC

Wire Size


Overall Length

22.5 Inches

Cable Length

21 Inches

Compatible With

G4 (All Versions)
G750 (All Versions)
G1100 (All Versions)
G3500 (All Versions)
G7200 (All Versions)
Not compatible with NOCO Boost UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters.