Smart Charger For Mercedes GLA 45 AMG & Mercedes CLA 250



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Smart Charger For Mercedes GLA 45 AMG & Mercedes CLA 250

Both these vehicles use 80Ah AGM starter batteries and the batteries were not seeming to last very long. So we decided to get the NOCO Genius2 40Ah to keep up the charge when we are not using the cars. I must say that I made a mistake not ordering the Genius5 80Ah as I now realize that would have been better for a faster charge time. Having said that, the Genius2 may be better for me because the slower charge times at lower amps may benefit the battery life.
Very fast shipping time from NOCO and more than impressed with the way the product is packaged. Like opening a luxury gift!
The Genius2 is very simple to set up and the lights and button are intuitive and give you great feedback on what the unit is doing. Nicely constructed and a good looking product which is well protected.
So far I have charged up both vehicles and everything worked well. I like that at the end of the diagnostic and charge cycles, that the unit goes into float mode with the final green light blinking.
I am looking forward to using this into the future.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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