Best In Class 10A Automotive Battery Charger



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Best In Class 10A Automotive Battery Charger

The GENIUS10 cannot be faulted in any way. Bought one purely out of indulgence after my existing CTEK MXS10 crapped out on me and was sent in for a warranty claim. Turns out, the GENIUS10 is BETTER in every aspect and priced cheaper too. More rugged casing, more features, profiles and versatility. the NOCO also comes with better quality wires and heavy duty clamps. Even tried the Genius10's "repair" profile vs. the CTEK's "recond" mode. The CTEK didn't do much for an aged flooded-lead-acid 12V batt, but the GENIUS10 actually managed to improve CCA and lowered the internal resistance by approx. 15% (as read by a handheld battery analyzer). The only point where the CTEK wins is that it came with a fancy nylon storage pouch, but I'm pushing my luck here.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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