No More Begging



No More Begging

Where have you been all my life? Going to start your car only to realize your battery is dead is nothing more then a nightmare at times! Being a female can make it worse depending on where you are and other factors!
Not anymore and no more sluffing around jumper cables "just in case".
I do highly recommend investing in the advance wall charging system otherwise a complete charge can be too time consuming!
And since you've made a smart investment in this fantastic handy jumper unit, go on and get the case to carry it and the accessories in as well! Don't forget to carry the users manual too and you may want to get a 3" hand held magnifier to carry to if you do need to refer to the manual because I don't think are how good your vision is, trust me, you'll need it to see the print!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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