Great Product, Great Service

John T Plumber


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Great Product, Great Service

Purchased gb70 in January 2019.
Tested it on bobcat, excavator, tractor, 5l chev, all without batteries just to see if it really could start them.
No hesitation starting any in succession, with still 75% on the display.
After 8 months, it stopped recognising a car battery, with or without charge, and would indicate it was in override mode, but no output to jumper leads. Still charged, still charged devices, torch still worked.
Contacted the supplier, who told me to post it back and their technicians would look at it.
Living in Australia, I could not find a principal importer and was hesitant to send it back to the supplier, expecting the usual run around 're. I did this wrong or abuse etc
I contacted Noco direct(USA) and after supplying them some information, agreed to supply me a new unit direct, which arrived today.
Thank you Steve.
It's not that I don't care if this one last, I really do, but that level of back-up is so rare, I had no hesitation in buying 5 gb40's for my family.
Wish more companies had as much faith in their product.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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