Great jump pack, amazing starting performance of even a 6.7L Cummins

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Great jump pack, amazing starting performance of even a 6.7L Cummins

I have an Antigravity brand jump pack, rated at 600CA (not CCA) and that was a great pack, USB charging leads for other devices, built in LED, etc. Overall it is a great pack, for the price. But the NOCO jump pack just blasts the Antigravity version away. Even the light duty clamps were bigger than the AG version, the HD clamps are just monsters comparatively, thats a big plus since the AG version barely fit over my battery terminals on my truck. The NOCO clamps are very solid, and have a wide jaw, which makes attaching to even my large battery terminals easy, the cable is at least 3 times the size of the AG version as well.

The light on the AG pack is little more than the keychain variety, while the 8 LEDs on the NOCO pack are quite bright, they almost give my $100 LED flashlight a run for its money, and my flashlight is brighter than most Halogen automotive bulbs.

The charge indicator has twice as many levels as the AG version, which is a neat little addition.

Where the NOCO system really shines is in their accessory connections, both USB and 12v in/out is awesome. The AG battery only had USB out functionality when I bought it. With NOCO i can get a 12V cigarette lighter socket right off the pack, there is no need for building an adapter that turns the battery clamps into a useable 12v socket. The USB in and out are standard, nothing special there. I just cant get over the 12v fast charge setup, talk about minimal charge time.

I tested the GB70 pack on 4 different vehicles, from a full charge, the battery I put in each vehicle had a charge level of 11.2V, well below 'dead'. The gas engines were all V8s the diesels I6s, ranging in size from 4.7l to 5.9l gas, to a 5.9l and 6.7l diesel. the two gas vehicles started up as if there was a fully charged battery in them. The 5.9l diesel turned over relatively well, no complaints at all. The 6.7l Cummins, required about 2 minutes of charge time from the jump pack before it turned over. Overall, great scores, as the AG version could barely turn over a 5.2l gas engine from a starting voltage of 11.6 (engine size within the jump packs rating).

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