GB70 - Really, No Home USB Charger Included For $249



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GB70 - Really, No Home USB Charger Included For $249

Just purchased a NOCO GB70. Was recommend on many sites.
-What was never mentioned is that when you get it home and you unbox it for the first time, I kept looking for a USB power supply charger to plug the USB into? Really, There is not one to be found. The directions say to use a high quality USB Charger like one mentioned in the NOCO literature. You guys cant include one for $250? And the USB charge time is way to long, 14 hrs!!! I own Toyota vehicles and the cigarette lighter is off unless the vehicle is running. So I would have to let my car run for a few hours so I can use this charger, bad design!! How about supplying a good 12 volt charger with your product for this price?

-The other disappointing feature are the extremely short jumper cables. Makes it hard to have the jump pack in a good visual location with such short cables.

- Other than these two items I like the GB70.

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