GB70 Is Absolutely INCREDIBLE, Starts A 6.4 Powerstroke NO PROBLEM



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GB70 Is Absolutely INCREDIBLE, Starts A 6.4 Powerstroke NO PROBLEM

At first glance, I thought this a joke. There was no way this little thing was going to get my 6.4 F250 to crank, probably couldn't even get her to try. I had replaced both batteries, six months apart (Duralast Platinum 65-AGM 750 CCA x2) only to realize I have a parasitic drain that I have yet to take the time & locate. So once the nights starting getting cooler, if I hadn't started her in a couple days, I was digging out jumper cables & looking for someone to help. Between traveling for a living, staying in RV parks & at times not knowing anyone within a 1000 miles, working at least 70 hrs/wk, it is imperative to have a dependable truck that STARTS at all times. I LOVE my 2010 6.4. Quite an investment to get her the way I want, & finally running just right, I was ready to torch the truck. Then I found the most incredible tool we own, the GB70. Purchased 11/05/2017, charged ONLY once in 11 months, left under the back seat, it has cranked the 6.4 six times, & never has it missed a lick. So simple, there is no excuse for any person in possession of a drivers license to not be able to use this. All the safety features ensure a child would be safe using this, whereas with cables the hazards are endless. There is no comparison between lugging filthy jumper cables out or grabbing a little bag from under my backseat. In this day in age, when you pay a staggering amount of money for flimsy junk, the GB70 is a real stand out. Rugged, affordable reliability has become hard to find, & I can not recommend the GB70 enough. As long as the NOCO brand continues to produce products of this quality, we will be customers with these in our trucks.

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