I Hate Writing Reviews.



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I Hate Writing Reviews.

Guys, I hate writing reviews, so, I tend to only write one when a product fall flat on its face.

Not the case here. I own four jump starters, all of which are horrible. None of them ever went close to their claims and were built with no regard to quality.

I bought the gb40 to keep in the trunk of my diesel benz, I've jump started two Hondas, a Subaru, 5.7 liter chev, and a diesel benz.... (pause for drama)... on ONE (yes, ONE!) Charge!

I can not recommend this little jump box enough! I go around looking for people to jump and show them this thing, even hardened car guys are absolutely amazed.

Great product, great presentation, and the build quality is second to none...

I ordered the gb150 last night after the last jump start, not doubting my little starter, I plan on using around the farm.

Thanks Noco for building a product that does what the box says it will do, thanks for building a product that looks good, thanks for building a quality product.

Folks, I know this jumper is a little more costly than your average jumper, but believe me... completely worth every thin penny.

You get what you pay for folks!

Stuart Smith-
Owner of Cadillac Smith Cartage.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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