Great Unit, Mind Your Temperature Though



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Great Unit, Mind Your Temperature Though

I bought this a couple months properly for personal use, but also for the occasional "help a neighbor" situation. I live in Vermont and it gets extremely cold here, well below zero F in the middle of winter. This unit is very well designed, rugged, and easy to cart around where I need to.

I did find, however, that in the coldest days (+5* or lower) that it was not powerful enough to start cars with a nearly dead battery. Weak was ok, but not under 6v. (this is not due to failure to try manual mode). It certainly would not start a diesel (even a vw) except in warm weather.

I will be buying a gb150 to use for my primary pack and I intend to keep the 40 for my small equipment and as a backup. I still give this 5 stars for its great design and superior customer service.

Some impressions on the unit and responses to other reviews:

-this doesn't work well in very cold climates. Get a gb70 or 150 and you'll be very happy. Keep in mind with cost comparison that your cheap Costco pack won't last over a year with old SLA battery technology.

-the USB charging ports are indeed very delicate and fussy. This is due to the nature of usb ports and not noco's design. They would do well to to move away from a USB charging port to top off the pack. Until they do, just be gentile and you'll be happy for years.

-read the instructions regarding manual mode. If the jumper can't "see" the battery because it's totally dead, manual mode will get it to juice the vehicle.

-similarly, I have found that the pack seems to provide a slow charge after connecting and only once there is a demand in the system (starter, for instance), does it unleash the full potential. If you have a starter interlock device (think soberdrive or intoxalock) you may want to use an old SLA-based pack for now. Manual mode, in theory, will give you the power to do through the steps to start the car. It has not far had the oomph to keep the system voltage high enough through to stating on any of my customers cars with this equipment.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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