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My roommate’s had one of these for a couple years and it’s proven to be reliable, so I recently ordered one to keep in my own car. I’ve used my roommate’s charger about a dozen times, to jumpstart an old Honda Civic and also a Subaru Forrester and it’s worked every time - however, I doubt this charger can produce 20 jump starts as claimed, the most I’ve gotten from a full-capacity charge was four or five, but that was with a completely drained battery that would not hold any charge once the vehicle was turned off. If unused for a few weeks it will start to lose stored energy, we keep it charged up every month or so and it’s worked as intended.

I received my own yesterday and charged it fully overnight, and tested it by boosting my iPhone from 50% to 99%, which used about half of the GB40’s stored energy.

Build quality is decent, it’s a well-made product, as is the storage case I also purchased. I definitely think it’s worth the price. While it seems NoCo is embellishing the capabilities of this jump starter, possibly based on laboratory conditions, it’s good to have for various situations that may arise. The flashlights are a nice feature.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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