Best Jumpstarter Ive Ever Used Fantastic

Phil - Australia


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Best Jumpstarter Ive Ever Used Fantastic

I bought the Gb150 second hand. I read the reviews and decided to give it a go. As an ex mechanic ive used many traditional jumpstarters and batteries n70zz with leads. All painful & heavy. This is simply amazing. It starts a V8 diesel landruiser(4.5L) without batteries easily. It starts my 8.1L big block mercruiser boat with or without batteries. MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!!!. It starts my 31HP Vtwin mower(very hard to start) which may be cranking for upto 5 minutes before starting. Seriously its an absolute beast of a charger. The best mechanical purchase Ive ever made. If youre looking for a serious quality starter, its an absolute beast. Not a toy. I bought it in case my boat batteries die when fishing. Now I feel safe when I take my boat out overnight & weekend fishing as i dont care if the batteries die or not. You wont regret this purchase...

Yes, I recommend this product.

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