GXC007  EZ-GO Cable With 3-Pin Triangle Plug

EZ-GO Cable With 3-Pin Triangle Plug

The GXC007 3-Pin Triangle Plug provides the option of connecting with the commonly used EZ-GO connector, which is ideal for quick connection and disconnection to golf cart batteries. The GXC007 connector is compatible with the NOCO GX4820 Industrial Charger. The 7' DC output cable and EZ-Go 3-Pin triangle style connector is designed tough for rugged environments. In addition, the connector is keyed with a notch and polarized to prevent misconnections.
  • Optional connector for the NOCO GX4820 Battery Charger.
  • Connects to the extremely versatile standard EZ-GO connector.
  • Customize the plug to fit your specific application.
  • Built-in 50A fuse protection for increased safety.
  • Rugged, reliable one-piece plastic construction.
  • WARNING: California‚Äôs Proposition 65
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    Upgrade to the best.

    Connect and customize the NOCO GX4820 industrial charger.

    Pair the high-end GX4820 with the highest quality EZ-Go 3-Pin triangle connector available.

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    Simple installation.

    To install the GXC007 EZ-Go 3-pin triangle connector, remove the hex bolts on the cover plate and cable-lock on the GX4820 charger. Replace the existing battery connector with the new golf cart battery charging connector. Screw in the GXC007's positive and negative wire to their respective connections on the GX4820 industrial charger. Finally, replace the cover plate and hex bolts before safely connecting the GXC007 3-Pin Triangle Plug to charge your EZ-Go golf cart.

    Safety first.

    An added layer of 50A protection.

    The GXC007's Zinc alloy 50A Maxi fuse is designed for automotive, battery, and general DC applications and protects you and your equipment. Sometimes electrical systems can overload or short-circuit if used incorrectly (like pushing too much power, or jamming the cord in your door or hood). Although those situations are rare, the fuse stops potential harm from occurring.

    GXC007 connector dimensions.

    Technical Specifications


    GX Custom Plug


    EZ-GO Cable With 3-Pin Triangle Plug


    50 Amp Regular Blade ATC

    Wire Size

    12 AWG DC


    76 Inches

    Compatible GX Charger