GC020  12V Plug 2-Way Splitter

12 Volt Plug 2-Way Splitter

The 12V Plug 2-Way Splitter allows you to use two of your favorite 12-volt devices at the same time, like a tire inflator, vacuum, power inverter and more. It features a water-resistant cap to protect the 12-volt female socket from the elements. Made from a high-conductivity 16AWG 100-percent copper wire and a rated capacity of 15-amperes.
  • Power two 12-volt devices at the same time, like a tire inflator, vacuum and more.
  • Water resistant cap to protect the female socket from the elements.
  • High-conductivity 16 AWG copper wire and rated capacity of 15-amperes.
  • Molded strain reliefs prevent unwanted strain on the wire connections.
  • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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Whether you are powering a 12-volt tire pump or portable fan, having the right accessories can extend the reach of your devices, power higher current devices or power multiple devices at one time.

Expand your capabilities by powering more 12-Volt devices at once. The 2-Way Splitter allows you to power and charge two 12-Volt devices simultaneously.

Power & Charge devices like tire pumps, vacuums, power inverters, cell phones, tablets, laptops and more.

The GC020 is designed to fit in tight spaces you might come across in a packed car with its low profile design.

The 12V outlets are designed with rugged, water resistant, press-fit caps.

The GC020 is compatible with any 12V outlet you may come across in your car or truck. The LED power indicator lets you know your 2-way splitter is receiving power.

The GC020 is 11.4” (29cm) long with two 12V outlets that are equal in length.

Technical Specifications.


12 Volt Male Plug Adapter


(2) 12 Volt Female Plug Adapters

Wire Size

16 AWG


11.4 Inches

Cable Length Between 12V In and 12V Out Ports

6.3 Inches

Max Distance Between 12V Out Ports

10.6 Inches

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