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The all-new GENIUS Series. Experience the new generation of Genius.

Meet the all-new GENIUS.

It’s unlike any battery charger. It’s a battery charger, maintainer, and desulfator. And with more features than ever before.Explore the new GENIUS models.

Learn more about NOCO Genius On-Board Battery Chargers - 100% waterproof and IP68 rated.

Designed tough - IP68 rated.

On-board battery chargers designed for extreme conditions - 100% waterproof. Easily charge and maintain multiple battery banks.Discover on-board chargers.

The upgraded NOCO Boost. Now with more power and featuring needle-nose battery clamps for more access.

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Our most popular jump starters just got upgraded. Featuring more power and built with the all-new needle-nose clamps for accessing smaller terminals.Find your ultimate boost.

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