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This Charger Works Great

This charger works great, silent, and it was a great investment. It saved me time since i can charge 3 batteries at a time. No need to purchase additional chargers.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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Kurt A. Schmidt


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Very happy

Very happy with my purchasing decision.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Verified purchase

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Decent Depending On Battery Type

Charger works good on my group 27 wet cells, however does NOT charge my group 31 AGM's. I have unhooked the two banks from the other batteries so only 1 bank is hooked up to the AGM and still nothing. Left it on for over a week, nothing. AGM is in good condition and functions great, however this. charger refuses to charge an AGM battery.

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David C


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Poor Product And Poor Customer Service!

Purchased GENM3 March 23rd of 2019. I installed it under helm of my center console in June before going on vacation. I have a small boat "17ft" so I have two batteries under helm for trolling motor and one in rear of boat for cranking in hull battery box. I had to cut the lead and extend it 6ft through hull to reach the cranking battery. I purchased a Battery charger extension wire made by minnkota just for this purpose MK-EC-15. I ran the extension lead from battery through the hull to the helm, since it has a thick outer rubber coating. Please not this lead has inline fuses 6 inches from battery! I cut both leads and made very good connections, soldered connections and used heat shrink then wrapped with electrical tape. Now tried to use this year and one bank on charger is not charging and blinking fault. I checked to be sure bank was bad by switching batteries and confirmed charger is bad. Contacted NOCO and requested phone call but no one called. Steve King from NOCO emailed me and told me since the lead was cut before the fuse "Warranty is voided" and I should have downloaded the fine print warranty info before installing since the one included with product is a very small book. This book is inch and a half by 3 inches tall! It is all that came with it. Steve was very unprofessional and NOCO apparently has a loop hole to keep from honoring warranty! I am very disappointed! Please buy from a different manufacture like minn kota, they have great customer service. The reason I got NOCO to begin with is the size, it is the only one small enough to fit under my helm!

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