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Very Impressed!

I am writing this review to express my great pleasure with this battery charger. I have an older battery from my son's truck that went dead for the duration ( or so I thought ). This battery just sits in the truck with a parasitic draw from the truck's electrical system somewhere. It has gone flat several times in the last two years since the truck just sits in the driveway since my sons passing, except to move it to snow blow or to mow grass from around it depending on the season of year that is. I looked online for ways to try to bring back a battery and decided to use the "old non computerized charger technique" I just so happened to have an old charger like that and they say to let it charge for a few weeks/month and sometimes it will bring them back by "cooking off" some of the sulfation so to speak. It did not work. In fact, one of the cells froze while on the old charger. I thought it was really too late for that battery now. I figured it was time for a new charger anyway, and wanted a maintainer too so since a battery from my tilting trailer is too big for the battery tender jr. that I had on it ( found that out after a few weeks after buying and using it on the trailer battery) So I got the NOCO Genius 10. I couldn't help myself but to try it out on the old battery from the truck due to it's repair function to de-sulfate a battery. NOCO recommends charging the battery to full before using the repair function, so I charged it for a day ( 24-36 hrs. I think ). I then switched it to repair mode. I went back and forth from repair mode to charge mode 3 times. The battery was coming back even without the first repair mode session. Since the repair mode goes to standby mode after it is done with the repair cycle, I would put in in regular charge mode since it would set in an ice cold detached garage all night after the repair function had finished. The reason I did the back and forth thing three times is because I figured maybe it would de-sulfate the plates in the battery more and maybe I would have more of it's original capacity back. The voltage was already reading good with the multimeter. Using the old charger, I could not get it to take any charge and the battery was 9 point something volts before it froze one cell. Maybe I should have waited until load testing it before writing this but I do not have a load tester and I am so happy with this charger. The battery ( as of a day and a half ago ) read 12.84 volts. Maybe a little high but that may be me from using the repair more than once. Hopefully I can amend this review after load testing the battery to let folks know about that, but so far, so good. This charger will not bring back every battery they say, but it is doing great so far on this one. Thank you for reading this long winded review. I do not think you will be sorry if you buy one of these.
THE ONLY NEGATIVE SO FAR: The Mode button is really stiff and I'm afraid it may wear out quickly. Just my opinion though. Time will test the durability.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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