Confused And Unsure Of What It's Doing Me And Telling Me



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Confused And Unsure Of What It's Doing Me And Telling Me

I have 2 car batteries that died from just sitting there unused (not my daily vehicles). Both were low, so I got the Genius10 as it talked about recovering a dead battery.

Battery 1 - plug it in, and after about 20 min (rather than the 4 hours the manual says) it shows all 4 charge LED's up to 100%. Initial thought was wow - that was great. So I unplugged it, plugged it back in, and it starts flashing the 25% again. Does that for about 1hr, and slowly over 4 hours progresses up to the 100%. This time it only has the 1 green LED for 100%. Battery seems to work (car started), but unsure if it's actually good or not yet.
Why did the LEDs indicate charge when it wasn't charged? Why did the indicators show all 4 charge LEDs the 1st time, and not the 2nd time? The manual does not clarify.

Battery 2 - out of a truck, 850 CCA and the starting voltage was 3.4V. I start with the battery reconditioning mode. It runs for about 3-4 hours, and then turns off. Battery voltage w/o load is about 11V, so I start the normal charging mode. After 2-3 hours it has worked up to 50%, and I head off to bed. 5 hours later, all the LEDs are flashing. the "error flashing" from the manual talks about the 3 status LEDs flashing in case of an error. I have ALL the LEDs flashing, not just the error indicators ones from the manual. I unplug, plug back in, and they are still all flashing. unplug for 4 hours, and they are still flashing. Nothing in the manual, and when I try to reach support, they are apparently out today (3/9/22), so I will just wait and see

Basically the various LED light options are confusing as things behave differently, and the various LED options are not all documented. is my 1st battery all OK, or was that a false sense of success? What is going on with my 2nd battery?

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