Very small and much safer than other jump packs you see.



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Very small and much safer than other jump packs you see.

I purchased this a little too late. The other week my wife’s suv battery was dead and we had to jump the suv using the old fashioned vehicle to vehicle method which is a pain. Our suv has gone through batteries like candy and is constantly having battery issue. This bothers me as I am afraid one of these times the battery will die in a place there is no one to help my wife jump the suv to get it running and get it back to the shop or to allow her to get home safe. Plus we have a child which makes this worse.

This is a wonderful solution. I looked high and low for a solution and just found this one. Yes, they have jump packs that are huge and will do the trick, but my dad home one and it would drain on its own and be dead within the month which means it needed a constant charging to keep it reliable.

I really like this one and choose this one for the following reasons.
1.) It is light weight, small and lithium.
2.) It has a built in 100 lumen flashlight which makes night jumps a whole lot easier to do. Especially as my hood does not have a light built in.
3.) The cables are very flexible and are a heavy duty 8 gauge.
4.) This can be used as a power bank as well but that does not interest me. (So say you are broken down and have a dead battery, use the usb port to get that phone working to call for help.)
5.) Came with a DC 2.1amp charger adapter. Note – You can use the dc adapter to charge this or simply use the included micro usb cable to charge this using a usb wall power adapter or usb hub. Use a power source of at least 2amps.
6.) Came with a cloth bag you can put everything in to keep it together. (Perfect size for your glove or trunk.)
7.) Is rated up to 1000amps which is rated up to 20 jumps on a single charge. I personally plan to charge this after every time I need to jump as it is not frequent to be safe.
8.) The charge unlike the larger portable units takes far longer to drain since it is lithium. It can kee a charge up to a year. Again, I would not push the maximum time frame and I plan to charge this every 3 months as precaution. Super easy to do and it will avoid murphys law from popping up.
9.) It is 7,035 joules which is how much power it pumps out in 3 seconds. This one is rated for engines up to 6l – gasoline or 3l for diesel. Again, I always rather go bigger. So if you are on the upper size engine, I would recommend the 2000 amp model to give you more then enough oomph.
Best feature of this is the safety it offers. Jumping between two vehicles can be very dangerous and is not something I prefer my wife doing. These are not only spark proof but have reverse polarity just in case….

Summary – While I hope we actually never need to use it I feel this is the best type and model of a battery booster available for me at this time and would recommend to friends and family.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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