Very Disappointed In Warranty Customer Service Representative



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Very Disappointed In Warranty Customer Service Representative

I have a GB40 and it powers on, lights up as it should. Press and hold the exclamation mark for 4 seconds and you’re supposed to be able to boost a vehicle. My unit does not function as it should for this . It works as a power supply to charge my phone. The unit itself charges back up from USB cord as it should. The flashlight works as it should. But the main function of the device does not boost. It does not put out any power to boost. Not even to boost a small atv. I contacted warranty department and through several back and forth messages the representative must have thought I was completely clueless. I made a video to explain my process on how I use the unit and I was very clear I didn’t have any vehicle with a dead battery at the moment so I used a 12 v Atv battery to explain the process. Even after I explained to the rep several times that I understand and know the difference between a boost and a charge they still continued to say I was the problem. I am beyond disappointed in their customer service! I used to advocate for NOCO to all my commercial fishermen friends and co workers on how good these were but I dam will never speak another good word about them after this experience today! If NOCO stood behind their products they would never ever make their customers feel like an idiot and they would have sent me labels to return their product for testing and replacement or an upgrade to a better model.

I will never buy another NOCO product again!!!

Singed one annoyed pissed of former customer and advocate of NOCO

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