This Product Failed Me!



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This Product Failed Me!

I had purchased and have owned this Norco battery booster plus GB40 product just in case of a battery failure emergency after my AAA batteries were not working properly after replacing them multiple times
I thought I was prepared- I wasn’t
I recently had a series of dead battery failures events which stranded me and AAA emergency roadside service which I have paid for for 47 years as a member did not respond stating when I did reach their emergency contact number I learned I had called them more than the 4 allotted times allowed and would have to pay $100.00 for them to come and jumpstart my car
Though in the area I was stranded in which was an upscale city community (Malibu)
They had no certified shops
In fact the whole city had no automotive repair shops and only two gas stations!
I was as traveling through but it never occurred to me I was in jeopardy
This product was supposed to assist me so I would not need such help
But it failed me and like the AAA battery it failed to hold a full charge which is required to jumpstart my car battery and no start
It takes forever to charge it as well
So it indicates it was fully charged but was it? My car battery did not think so and it did not jumpstart my dead battery and I was left stranded until two kind individuals helped me
One “gifting me” jumper cables
Another using those cables to jumpstart my car using their car
I was afraid to turn off the car after it was started for fear it would not start again
I left it running for hours and drove it around until I realized no repair shops were open on Sunday so running out of gas I turned the car off
My AAA car battery still does not hold a charge
And my Norco booster does not start my battery so I unfortunately will be buying another brand of car battery
And looking to find a portable car battery booster to replace this Norco product
Don’t wait until you are in need only to find yourself lacking the immediate help you need
I thought I was prepared with this product in my car - I wasn’t- it failed
I though AAA emergency roadside assistance was the other thing I needed and paid for for 47 years
It also failed me when I truly needed it
Live and learn!
Mechanics checked my car and stated the starter was good and the alternator was good though they stated my battery was weak but still exhibited power
I tried to contact AAA corporate and Norco corporate to speak to them about my experience and neither company could be reached through conventional means

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