Powerful Little Battery Booster.



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Powerful Little Battery Booster.

I purchased this to keep in the glove box of my BMW. I was attracted to the convenient size but a little skeptical about it being "big" enough to do the job. Well, I charged it upon arrival, and the very next day, took it to work to test on a Chevy Impala 5.7L V8 with a completely flat battery. A week prior, a large, lead-acid jump box barely turned the motor a few revs before giving up. This time, I hooked up the GB40, and it didn't even have the 2v to determine polarity. I pushed the bypass button, and turned the ignition. The Impala started as if it had a "fully charged battery". This little jumper is amazing. I work for a police department and we will be retiring the old lead-acid jump box, and purchasing the GB150. We jump cars all the time, and the GB150 will even start our large SWAT armored transport, which is a large diesel motor. I don't know why anyone would carry jumper cables anymore!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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