Over Two Years Without A Charge

Jon Y.


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Over Two Years Without A Charge

A few days ago my wife was babysitting grandkids. While there she decided to pull her 2015 Honda Civic "Nose In" into the garage to do some cleaning up. Her granddaughter in the mean time had turned on a light or two inside the Honda which she was not aware of. When it came time to leave she tried to start her Honda and you guessed it, all clicks, then nothing. She called me at home over 40 minutes away and stated it would be hard to jump start because she had pulled into the garage and she can't even put her Honda in gear to roll it out. I remembered I had my Norco Genius Boost + GB40 sitting in a box in my office aka gameroom aka mancave. I grabbed the Norco checked the charge and I was less then 50%. Now the last time this was charged was maybe over two years before I left the West Coast for the East Coast. While driving over I plugged into my vehicle to see if I can bump up the charge. When I arrived I had a squeak into 50% charge capacity. I setup properly to start the Jump, had all lights showing my charge rate and had her try to start her Honda. The first turn of the key and her Honda came to life. To see her smile was "priceless". For me I had a deep sense of pride knowing I did not let my wife down and I had a great product. Yes after sitting for over two years my GB40 came through with the "clutch" start when I needed it to. Thank You

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