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I’m always a bit skeptical of products I’ve never had to use, especially “emergency”-related items. I live where it’s normal to reach -40 Celsius in the winter. Moved in the summer to a new place which doesn’t have a viable option for plugging in my block heater.

-31 today, with a windchill in the -40s. As I knew this weather was approaching, and will stick around for a week or two, I needed an option, even a Hail Mary, for ensuring my car would start so I can get to work. Found the GB40 online, with lots of good reviews. Picked it up, charged it last night.

As expected, car wouldn’t turn over today. Not sure what I expected, but connected the GB40 to the battery (which took 5 seconds), and my car fired right up without struggle. The battery indicator on the GB40 still appears fully charged - as it should, they say this thing will do 20 jump starts on a single charge... which I fully believe after using it!

Well worth the price tag (which is totally reasonable in my opinion). Awesome piece of kit to have in your car for emergencies, with the capability not only to recharge in your car, but with a USB port to recharge your cell phone. I’m sure the flashlight will come in handy for some as well.

Can’t remember the last time I was this satisfied with a product!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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