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Efficient And Quality Item

I left on the lights of my Porsche 911 and the battery (trickle) charger was in the trunk, so no access (it is electric)! Very smart. I found this new idea by luck (1,000A version), and did not really believe it would work. Checked out some Youtube videos and commentaries.
Anyway, was delivered next day, was able to connect to fuse box and open trunk, then tried the engine (3.7 litre 6 cylinder). First time it turned VERY SLOWLY and did not start. Per instructions I waited 30 seconds and then tried again. It turned faster and STARTED. The battery was absolutely dead (I had to use the manual override switch per the instructions as the battery was not showing any voltage at all).
It's a quality item, nice little carry bag, now sits under my seat where I will be able to help myself or anybody else!
Very very happy with this thing. Just one note....it took two times to get mine going, if I had the choice again I would get the 2,000A version, although it's twice the price.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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