NOCO - Maintaining Batteries

Why maintain your batteries?

It will save you money and the environment.

Lead acid battery technology was invented over 150 years ago, and is by far the most common choice for automobiles, for the reason that it can provide a large amount of power for a relatively low cost. However, the technology has weaknesses including self-discharge, sulfation, and the use of toxic materials during manufacturing. A vehicle in storage is the worst case for a lead acid battery, as it will continue to discharge with no way to recover. This results in sulfation, or build-up of corrosion inside the battery, causing loss of capacity; significantly reducing the life of the battery. A vehicle under normal use recharges the battery when the vehicle is on, but this is not enough to keep the battery fully charged over time. The battery performance slowly degrades until the vehicle will no longer start and the battery has to be replaced. Using a NOCO Genius Smart Charger when your vehicle is not in use will keep the battery fully charged and will optimize the life of the battery. Although every situation is different, NOCO Genius Chargers can extend the life of a battery up ten times as long as a battery in storage and two times as long in an everyday vehicle.

Multi-purpose chargers.

Ranging from the trickle-charging G750 to the energy pumping G26000, the NOCO Genius Charger line has a charger for any situation. Genius On-Board

On-board chargers.

From a 4A single bank mini charger, to a 40A four bank charger, the NOCO on-board chargers have your boat batteries covered. Genius On-Board