M401  Battery Terminal Cleaning Kit

Battery Terminal Cleaning Kit

The M401 Remove Battery Terminal Treatment Kit is perfect for removing battery corrosion and preventing corrosion build-up. Its comes complete with a 1oz aerosol can of Remove Battery Cleaner, a 1oz aerosol can of NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative, a Battery Terminal Brush, and two (2) battery terminal protectors saturated in NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative.
  • Instantly neutralizes, dissolves and removes battery corrosion.
  • Stops battery corrosion for the life of your battery.
  • Oil-based formula that does not dry or evaporate.
  • Eliminates battery corrosion for increased cranking ability.
  • Environmentally safe and resistant to reversion, moisture, shock and vibration.
  • Comes packaged with Remove Battery Cleaner, NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative, Battery Terminal Brush, and NCP2 Battery Terminal Protectors.
  • WARNING: California’s Proposition 65
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    Complete Protection

    Stop Battery Corrosion In It’s Tracks

    Battery corrosion can build up on your vehicle's battery terminals and battery posts over the years. This corrosion can lower the conductivity of the posts and terminals, resulting in power loss. With the M401 battery terminal cleaning kit, it only takes seconds to remove that nasty corrosion, restore power back to your vehicle, and protect the longevity of your car battery.

    NOCO M401 Removing Car Battery Terminal Corrosion Aerosol Spray

    Spray REMOVE

    Spray a generous amount of REMOVE Battery Cleaner on the corroded areas, let sit for 2-4 minutes. Flush area with water.

    NOCO M401 Battery Brush Car Battery Corrosion

    Clean Terminals With Brush

    Remove battery cables; negative (-) cable first. Clean posts with the battery terminal brush.

    NOCO M401 Battery Terminal Cover

    Place NCP2 Treated Washer

    Place terminal protector between battery cable and terminal post (remove inner ring for "side" terminals). Reconnect battery cables; positive (+) cable first.

    NOCO M401 Car Battery Conductive Grease

    Spray NCP2

    Spray NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative on battery carrier, cables, posts and terminals.

    Technical Specifications.

    Total Kit Weight

    0.36 Pounds

    Net Fill

    1 Ounce (per bottle)


    Red or Orange Viscous Compound (NCP2), Clear or White spray (Remove)

    Kit Includes

    (1) Remove Battery Cleaner, (1) NCP2 Battery, and (2) Battery Terminal Washers