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Why Choose Zinc Terminals? Nov 28, 2016

Are Zinc Terminals Better Than Lead?

Author : Maddy Phillips Team NOCO Leader

NOCO chooses to use zinc for all of our TZ terminals. Automotive and boating terminals can be made from all different types of metals including brass and lead. However, terminals made with zinc have noteworthy benefits. Below are the four top reasons why you should use NOCO’s zinc TZ terminals.

1. Safer To Handle

It is no secret that lead is dangerous and can be poisonous. You can be exposed to lead anytime you breathe lead dust, fumes, or swallow anything that contains minute amounts of lead. Zinc is a much safer metal for you to handle. On top of all this, lead terminals cost more to dispose of than those made from zinc.

2. Superior Conductivity

As time progresses, our vehicles demand more and more power. Zinc terminals are able to boost electrical conductivity more than lead terminal options. It has been shown than zinc terminals offer up to 3-times the conductivity of lead.

3. Slower Oxidation and Corrosion Rate

When it comes to maintaining your car’s battery, the first issue is defending against acidic corrosion. Through the use of NOCO’s legendary NCP2 and other terminal protection offerings, we put preventing corrosion at the top of our list. This is why we choose zinc terminals over lead, as zinc have superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation over lead competitors.

4. Environmentally Friendly

In order for our terminals to be compliant with Proposition 65, and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), we chose to use zinc. Zinc has been found to be an environmentally friendly alternative to lead terminals. NOCO proudly supports this eco friendly material choice.

We hope that this blog helped you with choosing your next automotive terminals. If you would like to learn more check out NOCO's Zinc TZ terminals.