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Working With Batteries Safely Jan 06, 2017

Use Proper Handling and Safety Procedures When It Comes To Dealing With Car Batteries.

Author : Brittany Lin Team NOCO Leader

Automotive lead-acid batteries contain hydrogen-oxygen gases that can be explosive. The acid inside the battery is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns on your skin if it leaks out of the battery. To help avoid danger and injury, look down below with these safety precautions when handling and working with a lead-acid battery. Handle with care as acid could leak out if the battery is cracked or damaged.

A Glove and protective eye wear is with a green check mark, and a necklace and rings are with a red x.

Wear protective gear when working with batteries.

By wearing proper eye protection, this will help prevent any acid from going into your eyes. Always wear rubber gloves or mechanics gloves when pouring the acid into the battery could burn your hands. In addition to wearing proper protection, make sure to remove all types of jewelry to prevent any shocks or burns if it were to touch the battery terminals.

Keep all flames sparks and cigarettes away from the battery, keep sparks away from batteries, sparls, flasmes, cigarettes, explosion,  sparks can cause battery to catch fire or even explode,

Keep all flames, sparks, and cigarettes away from the battery.

When working with car batteries, make sure to not smoke or cause any sparks anywhere near your work area. This could cause the battery to catch fire or even explode.

Work in a well ventilated area, when working with car batteries, off-gassing, harmful chemical fumes, harmful inhalation, open window, fumes,

Work in a well ventilated area.

When working with car batteries, be sure you are in a well ventilated area due to batteries off-gassing harmful chemical fumes. To prevent any harmful inhalation, be sure to open a window or garage door to let the fumes out.

A man leaning over the front of the car to work on the battery with a red x.

Never lean over the battery while boosting, testing or charging.

Any time you're working on your battery, whether its boosting, testing or charging, do not stand or lean over battery. Although it is not common, sparks or explosions can occur. It is safe practice to keep a safe distance while doing any of these tasks.

Tool turning removable caps on the battery with a green check mark and a tool prying open a sealed battery with a red x.

Never try to open a battery with non-removable vents.

Some batteries have removable caps to check and/or refill fluid, however, some batteries are permanently sealed. Never attempt to open a sealed battery as it could be under pressure and can explode if punctured.

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Clamp installation and removal.

When jumping your vehicle, always remember that upon initial clamping, place positive first, then negative. However, when its time to remove them, always remove negative first, then positive.