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The All New Emergency Lithium Ion Car Battery Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank Booster Pack.

Why Choose Boost Lithium Jump Starters? Jul 06, 2016

5 Reasons To Use NOCO Jump Starters

Author : Louise Schneider Team NOCO Leader

NOCO's brand new line of lithium jump starters covers a huge range of vehicles, applications, and user lifestyles. From the smallest GB20 for powersport applications to the GB150, capable of jump starting high displacement commercial vehicles and trucks. The beauty of it—the GB150 will also safely jump any 12V Lead-Acid battery below that. Boost joins the other power products designed by NOCO's in-house design team, including consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable battery packs. What makes Boost special? It's designed to give you maximum possibility in the safest, most rugged form. View the full line of NOCO Genius Boost Lithium Jump Starters.

1. No Sparks.

NOCO Genius Boost has Spark-Proof clamps with reverse polarity protection. The no-melt and smoke-free clamps are reinforced with all metal construction versus generic all plastic construction. It is designed to efficiently transfer maximum current flow with minimal power losses, and has silicone insulation for heat stability and flexibility in cold weather applications. Compared to the generic battery clamps, NOCO battery clamps are designed with care to prevent injury. So, even if the clamps slightly touch each other, no sparks will appear. Furthermore, nothing dangerous will happen if you accidentally place the battery clamps on the wrong terminals. You don't have to fret when you forget how to attach them, or if you struggle recognizing the polarity of the terminal itself. Once you connect them, Boost will let you know.

2. Manual Override.

Increase your range of jump starting with the Manual Override function. With a Manual Override you can jump batteries under 2 volts, a rare situation when the battery is on its last leg and unable to recover. Use Boost's default mode to jump start car batteries over 2-volts. However, be careful using the Manual Override function as both the spark-proof and reverse polarity protection features are disabled in this mode. Double check to make sure that the NOCO battery clamps are connected to the correct battery terminals, then hold down the Manual Override Button for 3 seconds. The white Boost LED will flash, indicating its in Manual Override mode. You're now set to jump start your battery.

3. Ultra-Bright LED.

Genius Boost comes equipped with a dual ultra-bright LED flashlight. With the 7 light modes including SOS and emergency strobes. Having a portable, multifunctional flashlight comes in handy. The powerful light will help you see when you're working on your engine, or even when you're changing a tire at night. If you need roadside assistance the LED lights can be used as a signal for oncoming traffic.

4. Protection.

The NOCO Genius Boost jump starters are designed to withstand anything that's thrown at them. The Boost is durable enough to be dropped from 15 feet in the air, or being run over by a car. Boost is the type of jump starter that can be kicked around the garage and still work perfectly fine. Its port covers prevent dirt, dust, water, and scratches from getting in and harming the ports.

5. Designed In The USA.

With over 100 years of American ingenuity and vision, NOCO strongly believes that success is driven by innovation and attention to detail. In-house Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Testing Teams only the scratch on the surface of how deep our innovation goes. From energy saving circuit and software design to optimized manufacturing operations, NOCO are always improving and taking things to the next level. At NOCO, we don't try to out-design our competition— we push the limits of what is possible.