Blog - 5 Things You Didn't Know Your GB70 Jump Starter Could Do

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5 Things You Didn't Know Your GB70 Jump Starter Could Do Jul 05, 2016

Learn The Secrets To Unlocking Your Jump Starter's Full Potential

Author : Maddy Phillips Team NOCO Leader

Unlocking The GB70.

NOCO's GB70 Genius Boost is capable of more than what you'd expect out of a lithium jump starter. This powerful, small, and only 4-pound device is able to cover an astonishing variety of tasks. Try some new things with your favorite Boost! If you are ever hesitant before using your GB70 please consult the owner’s manual, or contact our live support. Without further ado, here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know Your GB70 Could Do.

1. Fully Charge Your GB70 In Under 3 Hours With 12-Volt Fast Charging.

You’re in a pinch, and your GB70 is out of power...Don’t have time to charge via USB? The 12V Fast Charging option can take you from a dead GB70 to a jump start in 15 minutes. Want a full charge? Go from 0 to 100% in just over 2 hours. Simply connect the 12V cable to the “12V IN” port on the GB70, and the other end to the Male 12V plug. Finally, plug into a powered 12V AUX plug (cigarette lighter port) and you’re good to go!

2. Connect A 12V Inverter To Power Mobile AC Outlets.

Ever been out camping and wish you could charge your laptop? The GB70 can power an inverter with it’s 12V powering capability. Connect the 12V cable to the “12V OUT” port on the GB70, and the other end to the Female 12V plug (12V AUX/ cigarette lighter port.) From there, simply plug in your 12V inverter and you’re on your way to powering virtually any device, from any location!

3. Jump Start Batteries Under 2-Volts With The Manual Override Feature.

Every so often you may find yourself behind the wheel of a car with a dying battery. Batteries under 2-volts cannot be jump started using your Boost’s default mode. Instead, using the Manual Override feature will allow you to force “On” the jump start function for a weak battery. Be warned, both the spark proof and reverse polarity protection features are disabled in Manual Override mode. Double check that the HD battery clamps are connected to the correct polarity battery terminals, then press and hold the Manual Override Button (a red exclamation point icon inside a red circle) for three seconds. The White Boost LED will flash “On” and “Off” indicating you are in Manual Override mode, and you are ready to jump start your vehicle.

4. Illuminate Your Home During An Outage With 8 Powerful LEDs.

The GB70 lithium jump starter comes equipped with a 400-lumen flashlight. The light comes in handy in many automotive situations, but could even be beneficial for the homeowner experiencing an emergency. The extremely bright LEDs have the coverage to light up an entire room.

5. Take Your GB70 Into Rugged Environments Thanks To Its IP65 Rating.

The Genius Boost lithium jump starters were designed to withstand virtually any environment. The Ingress Protection Rating System categorizes products based on their ability to resist solid objects and moisture. IP ratings go from 1-6 for solid objects, with 6 being completely dust tight. For moisture, ratings go from 1-8, with 8 being completely immersible over a long period. The solid object rating is the first number, while the moisture rating is the second. Thus the GB70, rated at IP65, is completely dust tight and is protected against jets of water (while all port flaps are closed).