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In The Shop With Genius Boost Jan 06, 2017

Tips on how to get the most from your Genius Boost

Author : Dan Wilder Team NOCO Leader

Using your Boost as a stationary light.

The NOCO Genius Boost provides a great source of light when working in the dark. On a full charge, the GB70 can produce light for hours. If you find yourself working in the dark or underneath your car, you can use your wallet, a socket, or any other small tool to prop the GB70 up to illuminate those hard-to-see areas.

Using an S-Hook to turn your GB70 into a hanging light.

With a simple S-hook, you can safely hang your GB70 from your car’s hood latch loop to light up the engine bay. Keeping an S-hook handy along side your GB70 is not only great for when working in the garage, but also very useful in case of a break down or road side work.

Using the GB40/GB20 as a flashlight.

Even though the GB40 and GB20 are much smaller in size, they still maintain the same level of toughness as the larger models. However, their compact size, dual LED lights, and long lasting battery life make them great options for every day use flashlights.

Using Boost as a power supply.

Looking up tech specs or how-to videos? Or simply just need to keep those tunes playing until the job is done? Keep your devices charged while working on those long projects. The built-in 2.1A USB port will safely charge your phone, tablet, portable speakers and other USB compatible devices.

Using Boost with alternative grounding points.

Some batteries can have hard-to-reach posts or can be positioned in a way that both terminals are hard to access. However, there are many points on a car where you can connect the ground clamp. Strut bolts and areas around the strut tower, or any spot on the chassis with little to no paint are the best contact points. Our no-spark technology found on all Boost models makes this process safe and easy.

Using the Manual Override feature on Boost.

Some projects can take a very long time to complete, and unless your battery is hooked up to a trickle charger, chances are you’ll end up with a dead battery. Luckily Boost has a solution for that. Boost’s Manual Override feature is capable of jump starting any dead battery (under 2V) in seconds, getting your project car, truck or bike moving under its own power once again. Always remember to use caution when using the Manual Override function, as it disables all the safety features, putting you at risk of electrical shock or sparking.