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GB70 Saves the Day! Dec 12, 2016

How To Use SOS Feature For Emergency Rescue

Author : Brittany Lin Team NOCO Leader

A car's alternator has the potential to fail for a variety of reasons, whether it is because of a torn belt or malfunction of the alternator itself. This can cause the charging system to stop working, resulting in a dead battery. The battery light will turn on, and the electronics and lights in the car will dim or shut off once the battery loses charge. Then once the battery loses charge, the car will shut off and won't start. NOCO Genius Boost UltraSafe Jump Starters are an extremely useful tool when this happens.

Imagine a situation where Boost provides a back-up charge for someone's cell phone, powers a heated travel blanket to keep someone warm in cold weather, or signals for help when someone's hazard lights are out. Read about Nicole, a GB70 owner, who knows how to use her Boost in an emergency!

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Car battery light comes on in the car while a girl is driving.

1) Nicole notices her battery light turned on.

Car headlights begin to dim.

2) Later down the road, she feels a loss of power and her headlights start to dim.

Car is pulled over to the side of the road during the night.

3) She is left stranded, and her car is powerless. She suspects that her alternator has stopped working, causing the battery to go dead.

The girl is pulling a GB70 out of the car's glovebox.

4) Her hazards light don't work due to the dead battery. Luckily, she has a GB70 stored in her car!

The button showing a lightbulb on the GB70 is being turned on.

5) She activates the SOS feature.

The GB70 is on the top of the back of the car with the SOS feature turned on.

6) Then she places it on top of her car and calls for help.

A tow truck is pulling up next to the car.

7) Once help arrives, she's easy to spot.

The NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Jump Starter.

8) Always remember to have Genius by your side!