Perfect Solution For Unusual Problem.

Bob N.


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Perfect Solution For Unusual Problem.

My elderly mother-in-law still drives but not often enough in a climate with sub-freezing winter temps to adequately keep her battery charged. She physically would not be able to open her hood and place an exterior charger on her battery. The Genius Gen1 was the perfect solution for her 2001 Volvo S60 whose battery is trunk mounted. I was able to strap the Gen1 to the engine stabilizer bar that runs above the rear side of the engine. The electrical connections were easily made at the driver’s side battery jumping port in the engine compartment. I was able to route and secure the AC wire and plug along the side of the engine compartment away from any heat source or electrical conflicts so that only 2 inches of the plug protrude at the driver side corner of the closed hood. The plug does not interfere with the hood closing. Since the car stays outside in a sheltered car port, she only needs to plug/unplug an outdoor protected extension cord to the plug. Although the plug is sealed and rated all weather, I did not want her plugging in a “hot” extension cord, so I have a timer set on the extension cord to charge overnight only since she doesn’t drive at night.

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