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Hello, there was another brand that I used before, I was not satisfied with it, it was not very useful for my vehicle, especially in cold weather, I had difficulty in starting my car while going to work in the morning, sometimes I want to take my car to the mechanic, but this product is really great. I ordered this product and started using it in cold weather and especially in my car. I can solve the problem of it not working. I'm happy now. It's truly a great product. I recommended the brand to my friends who have nice cars. They are really happy with it. If you take it to the mechanic he will charge you money every time. I always keep this product in my car and whenever there is a problem it can help me right away. There are many products on the market, I have used most of them. Disgruntled. I couldn't see much benefit from the products I paid so much money for. No matter how new your car is, this problem can still occur. I poured hot water on my car battery and sometimes tried to find solutions on my own, but they were all terrible. With this product, my car can be started in 2 minutes. This is the most important thing for me. There is no need to talk too much, you will understand this product easily when you use it, it is very nice, the shipping was very fast and it was well packaged, it is a nice product that I really recommend, I wanted to write in this comment. I would like to thank the seller of the product for his interest.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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