Saved The Day And Got Me Back On The Road



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Saved The Day And Got Me Back On The Road

During lunch, my Land Rover AC blower motor resistor failed closed, which meant the blower continued to run after the truck was shut off. I didn't notice because the truck sometimes blows air for a few seconds after switching off the ignition. After work, over 5 hours later, I had to use the emergency key to get in and I discovered a completely discharged battery. The parking situation meant normal length jumper cables were not an option. My buddy arrived with a GB70, which I had never seen before and I do not know how long it had been sitting on his shelf. He connected it to the battery and turned it on. The battery voltage was so low, the safety circuit in the GB70 was not detecting a battery and it was not delivering any charge. My buddy pressed the safety override button for 3 seconds and then it started charging. Within a few seconds, the truck alarm and lights came back to life. A few seconds after that, I tried to start the truck and it fired right up. Fifteen minutes after I got home, I noticed the blower was still running and I disconnected the blower motor resistor to prevent further discharge. Then I put the truck battery on a charger/maintainer overnight. The GB70 still had 75% charge remaining after rescuing me and I'm not sure if it's initial charge was 75% or 100%. The Land Rover has a rather large size 49/H8 95 amp-hour AGM battery. Needless to say at this point, I am extremely impressed with the GB70 and I bought one the very next day. Thanks Noco!

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