NOCO Product & GB70 Review

Rob C.


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NOCO Product & GB70 Review

I work in Emergency Services and was introduced to the NOCO line of products in 2010. Our vehicles are 24 volt systems and when I saw this brick like device with cables on it, I was like that is not going to start the ambulance. I headed over with another vehicle and jumper cables.. I was AMAZED that this device started the ambulance without any issue, I had to find one for my vehicle.

This is my 3rd device, and my others were given to friends. This device is reliable, amazing, and are simple to work. In today's climate, we don't want to wait in a less than desirable area for roadside assistance. When you have a device you can simply deploy, start your vehicle and be on your way within minutes is just simply AWESOME!! The added features on here make this device a great tool to have in your car.. The NOCO products do what they advertise and then some.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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