Every Serious Road Warrior Needs One Of These Units.



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Every Serious Road Warrior Needs One Of These Units.

The wife and I were shopping at Lowes and.....Low and behold (No Pun) We proceeded to our car. Not sure if it matters....a S560. They are supposed to have a heavy duty long lasting battery, Yeah not so much the cars 2 years old. Any way the battery was dead two kind folks tried tp help us....no such luck. I called Triple AAA road side assistance. The very kind and expert Tech brought from his truck a NOCO GB70. I said to him...thats not going to do it...he laughed and attached the leads and with absolutely no hesitation the car fired up. I was shocked. We were on our way in No Time....I took a photo of the exact same model and when I returned home I went on line to the web site and ordered one. The GB70 is a dream. Since then I've had my battery exchanged by Mercedes (warranty) and have used the GB70 to assist 4 unfortunate folks with dead batteries, and I hadn't recharged it since day one. This little guy is a miracle worker...AAAnnndddd like Amex says....Don't leave home without my NOCO GB70. Thank you guys for providing a superior product.

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