Helps If You Have It With You...



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Helps If You Have It With You...

Sat on the kitchen table for months. “Honey, why don’t you toss this in your glove compartment?” ... More time passes. Today it’s -15 and blowing 20. Wife sends text. “Car won’t start. Can you come get me?” ... I grab the GB20 from where it sat and drove over. Hooked it up. Pressed the button. Lights on the GB20 started sequencing. I asked her to turn the key and the CRV started instantly. No slow cranking, sparking or other classic car jumping experiences. Just running engine now.. Definitely helps to have the unit in the same place as where you might need it. It also might have helped that the GB20 was warm (from sitting on the kitchen table for 4 months). Still, very Impressive!

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