Wouldn't Leave Home Without It



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Wouldn't Leave Home Without It

I am brutal on batteries. I run a 3000watt inverter for a mini fridge and multiple home theater-style subwoofer/amplifier units, a 1500watt inverter for a laptop, fan, and misc other devices, run multiple 12v cameras continuously, radar detector, phone charger, on-board wifi device, in addition to several interior and exterior 12v LED lights. Even though I have a 2 battery system installed, it's not uncommon for me to be unable to start the truck if I've left everything running for any amount of time with the engine turned off. So I've always lugged some 50+ pound industrial sized jump box along with me. And it would usually get me started 3 times, maybe 4 before it too needed to be recharged. Well, as far as I can tell? The NOCO Genius GB 150 just charges itself I guess! I know for a fact I've started my truck 20 times at least since the last time I charged it and the thing still says it's got between 75%-100% charge remaining. And this includes several times that my battery has been so dead that I've had to use the over-ride feature to go maximum boost.
Only thing I want to know is where can I get an actual battery or two to use in my primary start set-up?! Great product. Worth the extra money and then some. If it won't start your vehicle? Then the battery is not your problem.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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