Great Product But One Big Flaw. Be Careful In The Cold.



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Great Product But One Big Flaw. Be Careful In The Cold.


I've owned this product a few years now and it's worked like a champ. I've jump many and many cars/trucks with ease. I even had to use it as a battery/alternator a few times since the car and truck battery & alternator died for about 3-5 miles each time and it lasted. Even completely dead batteries(which I've had issues with other less reputable brands) to half dead batteries.

Now the housing gets a little brittle in the cold. I've never abused this(I can show you photos with no marks on the body or so of abuse) but the housing some how with one bump(I believe did it) it split the clam shell in half at one end so it doesn't stay close any more without some sort of external strapping or clamping force. It's just a little bit of a pain to deal with but I still use it today and many years to come. Just wish it would do quickcharge 3.0(with out affecting the life of the battery) since it seems to maybe do 10w or 5w. it's slow boat to china when charging an usb device.


Yes, I recommend this product.

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