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Good So Far.

I've owned one of these since they first came out. Seriously, I had it on order for weeks before they first shipped.
It's been over a year now, and the unit is working great. I've used it many dozens of times, both for my work and at home. At home it starts cars and farm tractors, and a couple of times assisted with my F450 with the 7.3L Diesel. Batteries weren't totally dead, but they were failing. At work I've started standby generators from little air cooled units up to 100KW beasts.
A while back my parent's Ford crossover had an alternator go out. Vehicle was 15 miles from home when the battery was drained too low to keep driving and they realized there was a problem. I used the GB150 hooked up to the car's battery under the hood to get that car home. When home, the battery pack still showed 50% power in it.

To sum it up, this thing is great if you have a need to use it regularly, but might be a little overkill for most people if you don't have a big truck.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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