Best Of The Best Jumpboxes!



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Best Of The Best Jumpboxes!

I tested so many and decided on this 150. It jumps little cars and even a dead semi! I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for an apt when two people also waiting in the parking lot end up needed a jump. The other trucks sat there with their lights on and ran their batteries dead, what are the odds? After watching a guy struggle with jumper cables with no luck, I offered my 150 box that had been sitting in my truck for two over a year! I turned it on and saw it still said 100%! It started his truck with no problems and also a second truck. The box still said 100% even after jumping both. Thinking maybe the battery gage was wrong, I thought I better charge it just in case. It charged for about 1 min and confirmed it was still 100% after jumping two dead trucks and sitting in my trucks for a year! So happy with this I ordered two more so I can put one in each of my kid’s trucks for Christmas. Highly recommended!

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