Best Jumpstarter Ive Ever Used Absolute BEAST

Phillip Australia


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Best Jumpstarter Ive Ever Used Absolute BEAST

Hi, I bought one of these second hand from a pawn shop. Out of warranty.
I read the reviews and decided why not. I have a few cars and a boat and a big rideon mower which is a bugger to start. Last time i took the boat out my batteries nearly died from the stereo overnight fishing and it worried me. So I bought this.
Result? Extremely satisfied. This is by far the best jumpstarter i have ever used. I used to be a mechanic and have used many big heavy lead acid systems which work but are heavy or are smaller and dont do what theyre supposed to. The GB150 is lightweight(one hand) extremely powerful and keeps working. I can start my boat multiple times WITHOUT A BATTERY CONNECTED!!! Big block 8.1L
Mercruiser V8. Ive tried it on a landcruiser V8 Diesel(4.5L) without batteries multiple starts and has almost full charge still. My Husqvarna PZ61 34hpVtwin rideon mower(bugger to start) might crank for 3-5 minutes when its been sitting idle. This will start it multiple times with heaps in reserve. Its simply the best mechanical purchase Ive ever made. And i bought it used... If you are unsure I cant recommend this high enough. Its a BEAST. absolutely fantastic product. 12 out of 10 !!! Thankyou to NOCO for making a product that does what it says, repeatedly. simply amazing...

Yes, I recommend this product.

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