The NOCO Genius® G4 Battery Charger For Battery Inventory Management Press Release


The NOCO Genius® G4 Battery Charger For Battery Inventory Management

The NOCO Genius® compact and user-friendly G4 is a multiple bank battery charger that can charge up to four batteries simultaneously. The G4 can be used to maximize the health of batteries, vehicles and equipment while being stored in inventory.

Cleveland, Ohio (March 1st, 2012) The NOCO Company, producer of The NOCO Genius line of innovative charging systems, recently added the G4 multiple bank battery charger to the NOCO Genius line of battery chargers. The G4 addresses the growing need for the ability to charge multiple batteries in both consumer and professional applications.  


While lead acid batteries sit in storage they experience leakage current that can cause permanent damage if left unattended. A battery leaves the manufacturer fully charged, but often passes through multiple stages of distribution and storage before it arrives to the end user. This potentially long time period can drain the battery of its charge and allow sulfation to occur, resulting in the user receiving a partially charged and potentially damaged battery. Bad batteries lead to returns, unsatisfied customers and ultimately cut into a business’ bottom line. The G4 smart battery charger provides manufacturers, distributors, and retailers an easy way to maintain four batteries at a time while in inventory. Each battery bank is completely electrically isolated, allowing different battery chemistries and battery voltages to be charged at the same time. Companies can deliver fully charged and healthy batteries to their customers, increasing satisfaction, reducing returns, and cutting down on battery waste.


Staying consistent with the NOCO Genius product line, the G4 is powered by the NOCO VosFX Processor. The VosFX Processor is a revolutionary smart processor utilizing sophisticated levels of intelligence to alter the charge process, based on organic feedback from the battery, to extend battery life. The VosFX Processor quickly and efficiently makes decisions on how to charge the battery without risking user safety or damage to the battery


The G4 can effectively maintain any 6V or 12V batteries in large applications such as Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks and fully charge small battery applications from 2.2-40Ah such as Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Personal Watercraft and Snowmobiles. With multiple charging modes, the G4 can safely charge all battery chemistries such as, Wet, Gel, Maintenance-Free and AGM batteries. Fortified with several safety features like reverse polarity, abnormality protection and spark-proof protection, the G4 can be left connected to batteries indefinitely without risk of damage to the battery or charger.


The G4 pricing starts at $198.95. For further product information please visit the NOCO Genius website at


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