The NOCO Company® reaches settlement in broken MAP policy with Tigger Ranch Press Release


The NOCO Company® reaches settlement in broken MAP policy with Tigger Ranch

NOCO® Announces Settlement of Amazon Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) / Intellectual Property Infringement Litigation with Tigger Ranch of Phoenix, Arizona

GLENWILLOW, Ohio — September 8, 2017 — NOCO®, a leading battery technology solutions manufacturer for businesses and government agencies worldwide, today announced settlement with Tigger Ranch, of Phoenix, Arizona over alleged violations of NOCO’s established Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) Policy and infringement of NOCO’s registered trademarks and copyrighted material and images.




NOCO has adopted its MAP Policy to protect its authorized resellers who invest significant time and resources to deliver extraordinary customer experience. In support of these resellers, NOCO has invested heavily in research and development and protection of its intellectual property.


NOCO issued a cease and desist letter to Tigger Ranch informing Tigger Ranch that it had sold NOCO products in violation of NOCO’s established MAP Policy and, without NOCO’s consent, used the NOCO® and NOCO GENIUS® registered trademarks and NOCO’s proprietary copyrighted material and images in connection with such sales.


In an agreement reached with Tigger Ranch on September 6, 2017, Tigger Ranch agreed to forever refrain from selling NOCO products and otherwise using NOCO trademarks and copyrighted material.


NOCO continues to monitor violators of its MAP Policy and intellectual property rights and has filed lawsuits against certain MAP and IP violators.


About The NOCO Company

NOCO revolutionized the battery industry with the introduction of battery corrosion preventative in 1914. Today, NOCO designs and creates the innovative brands of NOCO Genius, NOCO XGrid, Battery Life, ChargeLight, and NOCO Accessories. With these world-class offerings, NOCO has effectively set the new standard in design, performance, and safety while introducing an entirely new generation of products. 

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