NOCO Genius® Battery Chargers, Accessorize Press Release


NOCO Genius® Battery Chargers, Accessorize

The NOCO® Company presents a new line of accessories to expand the versatility of their recently released line of smart battery chargers that automatically diagnose, recover, charge and maintain batteries. This new line of complimenting accessories utilizes the Quick Connect cables, built into every multi-purpose charger, to add multiple connection options for a variety of battery charging applications.

Cleveland, Ohio (December 14, 2010) -- The “Wicked Smart” NOCO Genius battery charger line, recently introduced by The NOCO Company, is an exceptionally innovative line of multi-purpose battery chargers. To expand the capabilities of the product line, NOCO Genius presents a line of accessories that add “Wicked Smart Options.” The accessories offer different ways to connect to batteries, extend the reach of the chargers, add connections to multiple vehicles, replace existing connectors and a whole lot more. 


The “Wicked Smart” accessories are made specifically for the NOCO Genius multi-purpose battery chargers. Each model in the Genius Battery Charger line includes a built in Quick Connect cable. The cable allows users to rapidly connect and disconnect any of the compatible accessories safely and conveniently. A Battery Clamp Connector and the Eyelet Terminal Connector come standard with every model, but additional cables can be purchased to allow users to leave multiple vehicles connected, and simply move a single NOCO Genius multi-purpose battery charger from cable to cable. 


The 12V Plug Connector GC003 is an accessory compatible with the G750, G1100 and G3500.  The GC003 allows the battery chargers to charge and maintain your vehicle’s battery by simply plugging into the 12V auxiliary plug/cigarette lighter. 


The 10’ Extension Cable GC004 extends the reach of your NOCO Genius battery charger. The GC004 has Quick Connect connectors on both ends, which makes connecting the cable not only quick but easy as well. Compatible with the G750, G1100, G3500 and G7200, the 10’ Extension Cable is allows users to charge multiple vehicles from one stationary charger and access hard-to reach batteries.


The XL Eyelet Terminal Connector GC008 allows the battery chargers to connect quickly and conveniently to batteries with larger, 3/8” terminals. The GC008 is compatible with the G750, the G1100, the G3500 and the G7200.


Pricing starts at $10.95 and the accessories are available individually and in the combined Accessory Kit GC007.  For further product information please visit the NOCO Genius website at


The NOCO Company is a specialist in the battery products and accessories industry. Their products include: battery corrosion preventatives, battery cleaners, battery boxes, battery chargers, solar battery chargers, battery terminals, booster cables, battery cables and many more products. As a fully-integrated manufacturing company, they also have the capabilities and resources to design and build custom battery solutions for current and new customers. For over 96 years, the NOCO brand name has been synonymous for quality, reliability and dependability.

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