NOCO® Acquires Premium Domain Name NO.CO From .CO SAS Press Release


NOCO® Acquires Premium Domain Name NO.CO From .CO SAS

The NOCO® Company successfully acquires NO.CO domain name in a strategic partnership with .CO SAS. NO.CO is the beginning of a massive rebranding effort by NOCO in celebration of its 100th year anniversary.

Cleveland, OH (November 1st, 2013) The NOCO Company, producer of innovative consumer battery products announced the acquisition of NO.CO, a premium domain name from .CO SAS. The acquisition was part of a strategic partnership between NOCO and .CO SAS by aligning one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial companies in NOCO and a domain name service focused on innovative companies. .CO SAS domain names are typically acquired by the world’s elite brands, like Twitter, Google, Amazon and many others. NO.CO is set to become the main global website for The NOCO Company, become its global URL shortener and its name communications protocol. The terms of the deal have not been discussed, but the acquisition price is somewhere close to or higher than other single and two letter .CO domain name purchases.


“We are ecstatic to have acquired such a premium domain name like NO.CO”, said Derek Underhill the Chief Creative Of cer of The NOCO Company. Mr. Underhill continued saying, “NO.CO demonstrates our continued commitment to our brands and products being the best-in-class. NO.CO is set to become the global website for all NOCO brands, including its award-winning NOCO Genius Smart Battery Chargers brand, as well as, its global URL shortener and its main communication protocol for both internal and external communications. The acquisition of NO.CO was also closely tied to the companies 100th year anniversary, which is of cially August 1st, 2014. “I would be lying if I did not say our anniversary had nothing to do with the acquisition”, said William Nook, CEO and Chairman of The NOCO Company. “We really wanted a domain name that demo started our heritage, but also re ected our hyper growth and our innovative culture.”


The decision to coordinate a deal between NOCO and .CO SAS was based on mutually bene cial marketing initiatives. .CO SAS wants to be closely aligned with some of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial companies, and NOCO t that pro le. “Any time you have an opportunity to work closely with a company like NOCO, you need to seize that opportunity”, Ana Carlos of .CO SAS. “NOCO is one of those companies that is strategically focused on growing its brands not just domestically, but internationally as well. I think that was one of the major attributes that attracted us to partner with NOCO. The presence of NOCO brands in over 15,000 retail stores helped too.” Ana Carlos continued.


The expected launch date of NO.CO has yet to be determined, but expected some time in the rst and second quarter of 2014 with the release of several major new brands.

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