TZ226CS  Dual Marine Wing-Nut Zinc Battery Terminals

TZ226CS Dual Marine Wing-Nut Zinc Battery Terminal Connectors

The TZ226CS battery terminals are marine wing-nut battery terminal ends that fits 5/16" stud posts.Whether you need a battery terminal replacement, a battery post adapter to make an easier connection, or anything in between, all of our battery terminals are lead-free and made from highly conductive zinc, providing for the best car and boat battery terminals on the market.
  • 3.6 times more conductive than lead battery terminals.
  • Ultra-plating for superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Suitable for use 5/16" battery stud posts.
  • Lead-free, RoHS complaint.
  • Universal polarity.
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0.40lbs | 1.40 × 1.30 × 2.30
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3X Conductive Zinc Marine Battery Terminal

Conductivity matters.

Every time you turn the key to start your vehicle, it pulls large amounts of electricity from the battery in order to power all of the vehicle's systems at once. Zinc battery terminals are 3.6x as conductive as lead battery terminals, providing for an easier route for power to get where it needs to be going.

RoHS Compliant Battery Terminal Connector

Environmentally friendly.

All of our battery terminals comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards. Lead-free zinc battery terminals do not carry any harmful heavy metals, allowing for ease of use, re-use, and disposal.

Choosing The Right Terminal

Understanding which terminal best fits your application.

Before you purchase a battery terminal, double check your vehicle's battery set-up. The most common car batteries are top post batteries (pictured above). The TZ226CS is a pair of wing nut terminals that lock down battery cables or eyelets, and mounts on battery terminal posts.

Zinc Vs. Lead

The difference is clear.

Zinc plated terminals are not only safer to handle and dispose of, but they provide for superior connection and conductivity. As an added bonus, zinc oxidizes at a much slower rate than lead, providing for a rust and corrosion resistant terminal connection.


The right fit.

More often than not, dealing with components under the hood can lead to tight fits, even with terminals. Double check the measurements to make sure that this terminal will fit your application.

Technical Specifications.


Proprietary Zinc Blend


0.2lbs (3.2oz) (Single Piece)


1.6in x 0.8in x 2.3in

Recommended Application

Fits 5/16" Battery Stud Posts