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I got my GBX75 2500A from my Snap-On dealer and I'm a truck shop Forman at a Ford dealer. I was real excited to us this product as we have many diesels come in and the customers crank the engines to try and start them till they either kill starter or kill batteries! So i took they jumper pack out to a fully dead 6.0l diesel and it spun that sucker over like it had 2 new batteries in it i was very impressed! BUT this was my first use of your product after letting it charge fully overnight! I took it to my tool box and hooked up the class-c charger cable and it lit the first red bar and they lightning bolt came on and after 3 minutes everything went out. i got a brand new class c cgarger and checked to make sure usb plug was clean "its brand new one use" everything good so i tried it again and nothing! I was very upset as i had hi expectations. I went on your sight to buy a class-c 75w charger from you and your out of stock! as for it working when it did it was amazing maybe i just got a bad on. and no it wasnt hooked up wrong ive been turning wrenches for 35 years after working on jets in the Navy. powerstoke60@gmail.com if you want to give me support! iI will change to 5 stars after i see how support goes because it did work great!

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